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Tips for Flatbed Trailer Safety

Fatigue, slick roads, sun glare among fall road hazards

Ask The Risk Manager

Test Time: Top 10 Road Test Tips

The Essential 7 Driving Techniques

Use Positive Spillover to Improve Safety Performance

Ask the Safety Representative: What is the Difference between an AOBRD and AN ELD?

It's That Time of Year Again! Quick Review of School Zone Safety

The Essential 7 Work Practices

Back to Basics

Preventing Lane Change Crashes

How to Avoid the Four Critical Crashes

How to Protect Yourself From Fall-Related Injuries

Why You Should Make Road Tests Part of the Hiring Process

What You Need To Know When Uncoupling A Trailer

It's Time to discuss summer driving hazards

Prevent Cargo Theft Over The Holiday

What Can You Do to Prevent Distracted Driving?

Ask the Safety Rep: How Can I Improve Driver Retention?

Preventing Crashes from Outside the Truck

Ask the HR Professional: How Can I Better Manage a Geographically Dispersed Workforce?

Preventing Rear-End Crashes Today

Is Your Driver Retention Problem Right in Front of You?

Choosing the Correct Personal Protective Equipment for the Job

Practical Drift: How Human Nature Causes Policy Failure

Managing Space Around Your Truck

Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls

It's Time to Discuss Spring Driving Hazards

Preventing Road Rage

Is Accident Reporting Your Achilles Heel?

Instilling a Culture That Embraces Fuel Economy

Promoting a Culture of Professionalism

The Financial Impact of Losses

Addressing Aggressive Driving

Ask The Liability Adjuster: What impact do onboard cameras have on liability claims?

Managing Stress

Ask the Safety Rep: How does the updated guidance on using a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) for personal conveyance affect drivers and motor carriers?

Winter Safety Tips

Buying Into Safety: Six Reasons It Makes $ense

Defending Against Winter Driving Hazards


Crash Scene Procedures

Achieve Safety Excellence Through Teamwork

Make Your Safety Training Memorable

Healthy Eating

Ask the Safety Rep: What Are the Requirements for Accident Recordkeeping?

Crash Prevention: Are You Proactive or Reactive?

Fall Driving Hazards

Opening/Closing Trailer Doors


Time to Discuss Fall Driving Hazards

Tractor–Trailer Fires: What Do You Do?

Providing a Workplace Free of Known Hazards

Speed Management

Use Road Tests to Measure Driver Quality

Build a Positive Culture that Inspires Employees to Thrive

Skin Protection

Preventing Work Zone Crashes

Road Construction


Ask the Safety Rep: With the ELD Final Rule now in effect, what can we expect from roadside inspectors?

Summer Driving Hazards

Heat-related Illness

Time to Discuss Summer Driving Hazards

Sleep Habits

Avoiding Crashes Due to Distracted Driving

Slips and Falls

Personal Security

3 Wellness Tips for Truck Drivers

Roadside Inspections

10 Summer Weather Tire Survival Tips

Pattern Driving

Ask the Safety Rep: How do the new drug testing changes affect employers?

Monitoring Drivers for At-Risk Behaviors

Operations' Role In Avoiding ELD Issues

Ask the Truck Underwriter: Can I Get An Exception for a Driver Who Doesn't Have an Acceptable MVR?

Post-Traumatic Growth: Improving Operations After a Catastrophic Loss

Disaster Planning: Plan and Protect Your Future

Entering and Exiting Equipment

Preventing Losses Through Regulatory Compliance

Spring Driving Hazards

Crashes Do Happen: Tips on Driver Conduct at a Crash Scene

Thou Shall Not Commit Tailgating

Elements of a Successful Safety Culture

Summary of the ATRI “Analysis of the Operational Costs of Trucking” 2017 Report

Ask the Liability Adjuster

Tips on Continuous Improvement Initiatives

Does Your Company Brand Attract Quality Drivers?


Seasonal Affective Disorder

Winter Safety


Time to Discuss Winter Driving Hazards

Maintain Business Continuity with Proactive Facility Inspections

Avoiding Right Turn Squeeze Crashes

Preventing Run Under Crashes

Ask the Workers' Compensation Underwriter

Seven Elements of Successful Risk Management

Shop/Warehouse Safety: Proper Lifting

Sanitary Transportation of Human and Animal Food

Driver Safety: Proper Lifting

Ask the Safety Rep: Does the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) allow a motor carrier to purge certain documents from the driver's qualification file?

Avoiding Crashes at Railroad Crossings

The FMCSA & E-Logs: Know the Rules and Consequences

Office Safety: Proper Lifting

Four Keys to Building a Fleet of Quality Drivers

Time to Discuss Fall Driving Hazards

Broaden Your Fleet's Field of View with Fender-Mounted Mirrors

Space Management

Shop Safety: Fall Prevention

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now – ELD FAQs

Mirror Use

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now – ELD Return on Investment

Ask the PDC Adjuster

Cargo: Don't Break the Seal

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now – Actual Implementation of ELDs

Preventing Lane Change Crashes

Tips for Safe Driving During the Solar Eclipse

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now – ELD Rollout in Phases

Driver Safety: Fall Prevention

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now – ELD Training Begins at the Top

Ask the Safety Rep: How Does the New OSHA Final Rule on Walking-Working Surfaces Affect the Trucking Industry?

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now - The Successful Transition from Paper to Electronic Logs

How Engineering Controls Help Manage Risk

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now - Helpful Hints for Choosing an ELD System and Vendor

Office Safety: Fall Prevention

Are You Ready? The Time Is Now - ELD Mandate Breakdown

Time to Discuss Summer Driving Hazards

CVSA Brake Safety Day Date Announced

Real-Time Industry Apps Alleviate Driver Parking Woes

How Leadership Can Help Prevent Rear-End Crashes

U.S. Supreme Court Rejects OOIDA’s ELD Appeal

Ask the Underwriter: How Does Driver Quality Affect Underwriting Decisions

Communication Techniques to Prevent Driver Distraction

Avoiding Trip Injuries Around the Truck

Preventing Rear-End Crashes

Ask the Safety Rep: What Is The New Drug and Alcohol Testing Rule For Motor Carriers Who Lease Drivers From a Staffing Agency?

How to Calculate Proper Following Distance Part 2

How to Calculate Proper Following Distance Part 1

Leadership's Role In Addressing Driver Distractions

2017 CVSA International Roadcheck Dates Announced

Avoiding Trip Injuries Around The Shop And Warehouse

Time to Discuss Spring Driving Hazards

Be Proactive by Targeting Critical Crashes

Ask A Safety Representative: Can Some Be Exempt from Using ELDs?

Regulatory Updates to Be Aware Of

What You Need to Know About the Federal Clearing House For Drug and Alcohol Test Results

Things to Consider When Selecting an ELD

Keep Focused On Winter Weather Hazards

Preserving the Crash Scene

Nine Ways to Fight Fatigue out on the Open Road

Preparing for a Roadside Inspection

Check Tire Pressure

Recruiting vs. Retention: How to Keep Your Best Truck Drivers

Going from Moment to Momentum

Visually Clearing Intersections

The Top Six Things You Need to Know About the FMCSA Final Rule on Federal Clearinghouse for Driver Drug and Alcohol Test Results


Driver Safety Meetings: To Conduct or Not To Conduct

Winter is Coming, Are You Ready?

Prevent Cargo Theft Over Thanksgiving

Ask A Safety Representative

Implementing a Post-Crash Investigation Process

Preventing Cargo Thefts

Confined Spaces are Dangerous Places

Fire Safety for Commercial Motor Vehicles

Margin of Safety

Drink Up!

Powerful Pennies: The Importance of Investing and Sticking With It

Tire Safety Tips

Help Prevent Rear-End Crashes

Near-Miss Reporting

FMCSA Delays Unified Registration System Until January 14, 2017

Where’s the Cargo?

Be a Mentor

Control Environmental Workplace Hazards

How to Avoid U-Turns

Test Time: Top 10 Road Test Tips

Cell Phone Reminder: Hang Up and Drive

Refrigerated Carriers: Regulation Temperature Sensitive Loads

Tips for Crossing Railroad Tracks Safely

Mobile Learning: Are You and Your Team on Board?

Tips to Bolster the Level of Customer Service

Ask a Safety Rep: What is Respiratory Protection?

Driver Safety Programs: Save Money By Reducing Crashes

Do Your Training and Education Efforts Get The Thumbs Up From Your Employees?

Do Your Employees Share Your Values?

7 Steps to Help Prevent Shop Injuries

Top 10 Critical Issues Facing the Trucking Industry

CSA/SMS Under Control? Now It's Back to the Basics

Handling Driver Objections At Safety Meetings

Even the Great Ones Watch the Game Tape

Winter Weather: Slip and Fall Prevention Safety Tips

How to Get and Keep Good Truck Drivers

Caution, Caution, Caution: Animal Crossing

What is the Difference between Aggressive Driving and Road Rage?

Safety Backing Techniques

Ask a Safety Rep: Can I Use Retreaded Tires on the Steer Axle?

Reduce Crashes: Driver-Related Root Causes of Crashes

Decision Driving: Are You Making the Right Decisions?

Security Alert: 3D Printing - Counterfeit High Security Bolt Seals

Stay Hydrated this Summer: Say No to Soda, Yes to Water

Brake Safety Week: September 6-12, 2015

Heads Up: 6 Things to Remember When it Comes to Overhead Clearance

Stay Cool. Best Practices for Refrigerated Cargo

Complacency 101: The Cause and Cure

Intrastate vs. Interstate: Which is Which?

Cargo Theft Prevention Tips: Don't Let It Happen to You

Planning for Emergencies: Always be Prepared

Why Front-Line Management Must Support Safety

Ask a Safety Rep: What Should I include in my New Employee Orientation for drivers?

How to Minimize the Hazards of Welding Operations

7 Things to Remember for Driver Safety Award Programs, Bonuses, and Incentives

Taking Pictures at the Scene of a Collision: Bad or Good Idea?

To Swerve or Not to Swerve: That is the Question

Be Good to Yourself: How to Avoid Back Pain

Should You Use On-Board/In-Vehicle Cameras?

Ask a Safety Rep: What's Included in Post-Collision Testing?