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Ask the Physical Damage Claims Adjuster

WHAT TOWING RISKS EXIST IF MY TRUCK IS IN AN ACCIDENT AND I HAVE SPLIT COVERAGES? Having a driver involved in a crash is stressful in itself, but motor carriers may compound a bad situation if their liability, physical damage, and cargo coverages are split between multiple insurers. Splitting coverages invites confusion and communication breakdowns between parties involved. As a motor carrier anxiously awaits resolution of the claim, the disjointed parties involved must determine who has coverage for each claim and what the policy limits are, and then coordinate clean up, towing, salvage, and storage of cargo, to name a few tasks. Having one insurer handling all aspects of the claim is ideal. Avoiding split coverages for your operations can reduce the risk of unnecessary delays and inflated claim costs, and better protect the motor carrier from future litigation.
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The Difference between Fault and Preventability in a Crash

Fault and preventability are two terms motor carriers often confuse. The process of determining who was at fault in a collision is typically based on applicable motor vehicle laws and the actions of both drivers. Evidence will be collected and witness statements are taken so that fault can be determined, either by law enforcement or in a legal proceeding. Preventability, on the other hand, has a completely different meaning. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), “a preventable collision is a collision in which the driver failed to do everything reasonable to avoid it.” So, even if a truck driver is not cited for being at fault for an accident, the motor carrier could still deem the collision preventable.
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What to Do If a Load Is Rejected

A load can be rightfully rejected for several reasons, such as the goods were not delivered at the agreed-upon time or shifted in transit and were damaged. When a load is wrongfully rejected by the consignee, such as rejecting the load due to alleged temperature abuse, missing seals, etc., this can create an uncomfortable and stressful situation for your driver as he/she is left to deal with an unsatisfied customer. In many cases, drivers are not allowed on the dock, so they may not even get the chance to contest the allegation. In other cases, your driver may be gone before word arrives that the load was rejected.
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