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Use Road Tests to Measure Driver Quality

Motor carriers put a lot of faith in drivers. They are entrusted with very expensive equipment, valuable cargo, and customer trust. With all of this at stake, motor carriers cannot take driver hiring decisions lightly. Trusting word-of-mouth referrals or the accuracy of an applicant’s resume is not enough to gauge a driver’s qualifications. The best way to accurately determine an applicant’s abilities is to physically observe him or her in and around the truck with a road test. Road test observations, combined with the results of pre-employment investigations, better position motor carriers to make a well-informed hiring/leasing decision.
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Test Time: Top 10 Road Test Tips

  Giving a road test to an applicant seeking employment can be one of the best ways to determine whether the individual will be a safe hire. When conducting a road test, you can spot poor driving habits that may translate into serious crashes if the behaviors are not corrected.
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