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Time to Discuss Winter Driving Hazards

Winter is back, and truck drivers across the country must deal with extreme weather and winter driving conditions. Ice, snow, high winds, poor visibility, frigid temperatures, and other hazards greatly impact driver safety. These factors can also lead to a critical crash, such as a rollover, jackknife, or lane departure. Critical crashes can have negative repercussions throughout the organization and severely disrupt operations. That is why the time is now for operations staff to remind drivers of winter driving hazards and protective driving techniques needed to prevent a serious loss. Here are some key points operations staff should cover with drivers.
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Avoiding Trip Injuries Around the Truck

RECOGNIZE THE HAZARDS Environment/Equipment Fuel hoses Pallets Trailer straps Loading dock stairs Low-stacked freight Clutter inside the cab Uneven walking surfaces Poor lighting
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Avoiding Trip Injuries Around The Shop And Warehouse

Recognize the Hazards Environment/Equipment Wet or slick surfaces Uneven surfaces and level changes Power cords and hoses Tools, parts, and portable equipment Clutter on stairs
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7 Steps to Help Prevent Shop Injuries

Developing a good company safety culture should not just focus on trucks and drivers. One of the key areas to develop the culture includes taking a long, hard look at your maintenance shop. Some leave that part of the business to the shop manager or lead mechanic, counting on them to know what to do to keep things running well and safely. There are some simple things you can do as an owner or manager to help reduce the risk in your shop.
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