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Monitoring Drivers for At-Risk Behaviors

According to a 2014 study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the average cost of all large truck crashes is approximately $91,000 per crash. That amount can increase exponentially if injuries and fatalities are involved. Avoiding the indirect costs associated with a loss, meaning the unbudgeted expenses not covered by insurance, is imperative. While the root cause of a crash may not be your driver, experience has shown that future crashes can be predicted based on leading indicators, such as a driver’s history of at-risk behaviors. These behaviors can include speeding, following too closely, and making frequent lane changes, to name a few. If a driver continues to exhibit these behaviors, then the chances of him/her being involved in a future crash is more likely.
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Does Your Company Brand Attract Quality Drivers?

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) publishes a top ten list each year of industry concerns based on surveys conducted with trucking executives. Driver shortage and retention are two related issues which have appeared on the ATRI list for many years and are issues every motor carrier faces. Recruiting and retaining quality drivers seems to be a never-ending process.
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Four Keys to Building a Fleet of Quality Drivers

Today’s trucking environment presents many challenges to motor carriers, but successful organizations know how to turn these challenges into opportunities. 
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How to Get and Keep Good Truck Drivers

Fleets can see greater success and improved profitability by focusing on getting and keeping good drivers. Besides fuel costs, driver costs are typically a significant expense to a trucking company. It’s no secret that tenured, experienced drivers are more operationally effective than less experienced drivers. That experience directly translates to improvements in operational efficiency, and is one of the most important aspects in running a solid, profitable business. 
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