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Instilling a Culture That Embraces Fuel Economy

Fuel costs have traditionally been the largest line-item expense for motor carriers. According to the American Transportation Research Institute (2017), “[Fuel costs] generally account for approximately 30 to 40 percent of a motor carrier’s cost per mile.”1 If fleet managers want to optimize their operations and reduce costs, they should focus on instilling a culture that embraces fuel economy.
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Promoting a Culture of Professionalism

Professionalism in the workplace benefits you, your peers, and your employer. Exhibiting professionalism can bring you an inward sense of pride, self-respect, competence, and job satisfaction. Your peers will mirror your behavior in the way you treat others and approach your job, while your employer will view you as a reliable team player. Read the information below, and ask yourself if there are actions you can take to present yourself in a more professional manner.
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Build a Positive Culture that Inspires Employees to Thrive

Every motor carrier has a company culture that reflects the organization’s values. This culture can be positive and beneficial to the organization’s success or negative and cause it to stagnate or even fail. In either case, positive or negative, a company’s culture is contagious. People tend to adopt the values of those around them, especially at work, and infect others with the good or bad. That is why positive values are so important to motor carriers.
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