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Tractor–Trailer Fires: What Do You Do?

Tractor-trailer fires can result in devastating losses destroying trucks, trailers, and cargo. Fires can be the result of tires/brakes heating up, loss of axle lubricant, electrical problems, cigarette smoking, and other causes. Whatever the cause, fast action is required should a fire ever occur.
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Personal Security

Truck stops, rest areas, and parking lots are used by criminals to prey on drivers and other employees. Protecting yourself from physical harm is your primary concern over the security of your vehicle and cargo. The key to your safety is to be able to recognize the hazards that can put you in harm’s way and know how to defend against these dangers.
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Monitoring Drivers for At-Risk Behaviors

According to a 2014 study by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), the average cost of all large truck crashes is approximately $91,000 per crash. That amount can increase exponentially if injuries and fatalities are involved. Avoiding the indirect costs associated with a loss, meaning the unbudgeted expenses not covered by insurance, is imperative. While the root cause of a crash may not be your driver, experience has shown that future crashes can be predicted based on leading indicators, such as a driver’s history of at-risk behaviors. These behaviors can include speeding, following too closely, and making frequent lane changes, to name a few. If a driver continues to exhibit these behaviors, then the chances of him/her being involved in a future crash is more likely.
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Nine Ways to Fight Fatigue out on the Open Road

Are you ready to avoid fatigue-related crashes? Fatigue behind the wheel is a real danger. It can be a killer and happen any time, any where. But, guess what? You can control it. You are the key factor in determining whether or not a fatigue-related crash will happen to you. At Great West Casualty Company, we say to look for warning signs including inattentiveness, erratic driving, tailgating, drifting, or failure to obey traffic signals. Most modern tractors have comfortable seats, relatively quiet cabs, and are temperature controlled. But, while these designs are convenient and comfortable, they can contribute to falling asleep at the wheel. We're all for driving in a fine ride, but we don't want these things to get the best of you when it comes to fatigue while driving.
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Going from Moment to Momentum

How does a company go from that “Ah-ha!” moment where they are all jazzed up about a new idea that will revolutionize the company to actually making it happen? This conundrum is common in the realm of safety especially when a company realizes what it needs to do, like instilling a culture that values safety, but then does not know how to achieve it. Those “Ah-ha!” moments can be fleeting if one does not act swiftly and purposely to build momentum and make their idea a reality.
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Preventing Cargo Thefts

Cargo thefts continue to rise and while the vast majority involve a stationary or unattended truck, fictitious pick-ups and impersonating a legitimate motor carrier or broker continues to occur. Thefts involving the impersonation of a motor carrier typically begin with a broker listing a load on an internet board. A seemingly legitimate motor carrier responds, but in reality, it is a thief that is impersonating a legitimate motor carrier.
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Help Prevent Rear-End Crashes

Some of the most frequent types of severe crashes are rear-end collisions.  These crashes, which are one of the four Critical Crashes, often result in extensive property damage, serious bodily injuries, or death.  They are often much more severe when a large truck is involved.
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To Swerve or Not to Swerve: That is the Question

The Answer: Don't Swerve   Loss-of-control crashes are sometimes the result of trying to avoid animals or wildlife that are on the roadway. Swerving to miss an animal is not the way to go. Our Great West Casualty Company team has come up with these essential driving techniques.
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