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Managing Space Around Your Truck

Managing the space around the truck is challenging. From driving in congested traffic to navigating a crowded parking lot, truck drivers must constantly track the hazards around them to prevent a collision. Read the information below and ask yourself how you can improve your driving style in any of the hazard categories.
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Time to Discuss Winter Driving Hazards

Winter is here, and truck drivers across the country must deal with extreme weather and winter driving conditions. Ice, snow, high winds, poor visibility, frigid temperatures, and other hazards greatly impact driver safety. These factors can also lead to a critical crash, such as a rollover, jackknife, or lane departure. Critical crashes can have negative repercussions throughout the organization and severely disrupt operations. That is why the time is now for operations staff to remind drivers of winter driving hazards and protective driving techniques needed to prevent a serious loss. Here are some key points operations staff should cover with drivers.
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Time to Discuss Fall Driving Hazards

As summer comes to an end, the transition to fall presents its own set of challenges to drivers, and motor carriers should be proactive in communicating these hazards to the fleet.
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Preventing Rear-End Crashes

RECOGNIZE THE HAZARDS Environment/Equipment Slippery road conditions Poor visibility Loss of traction Traffic congestion Brakes out of adjustment
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How to Avoid U-Turns

Run-under crashes are one of the most devastating losses a trucking company can experience. A run-under crash can cost thousands of dollars in physical damage and personal injury. However, these crashes are frequently among the easiest to prevent. Many run-under crashes involve U-turns. A run-under crash caused by a U-turn is possibly the easiest to prevent…never make a U-turn.
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Even the Great Ones Watch the Game Tape

You’re pretty good at your job, and you’ve been doing it for years. How crazy would it be if your boss one day said, “let’s take a look at the tape from yesterday’s meeting…let’s see what we can improve on.”
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