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Ask The Risk Manager

WHAT CAN I DO TO PROTECT MY COMPANY FROM IDENTITY THEFT? Great question! This issue recently came up when a motor carrier was contacted by a third-party administrator (TPA) who was requesting unlimited access to the motor carrier’s intranet so it could file, process, and handle claims. Specifically, the TPA requested the motor carrier’s website login and password information to obtain information and documentation for a claim. This raised a red flag with the motor carrier, rightfully so. Before granting access to sensitive company data or agreeing to do business with anyone, you need to take steps to protect your identity from cyber criminals and other thieves to ensure the brokers, carriers, shippers, and receivers you do business with are legitimate. There are many ways criminals can steal a person’s or company’s identity. Below are common theft methods and ideas to help defend your company from identity theft.
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Seven Elements of Successful Risk Management

Senior leadership has many responsibilities, and one is to make sure the company operates at a profit. Certain performance metrics contribute to profitability such as annual sales growth, return on investment, and profit margin. Profit margin, in particular, can directly correlate to the effectiveness of the organization’s risk management strategy. Senior leadership’s role in championing this strategy begins with identifying the motor carrier’s loss exposures and devising a plan to mitigate or avoid potential losses. What does this look like? Here are seven elements of a successful risk management program that senior leaders can adopt.
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How Engineering Controls Help Manage Risk

Managing the risks associated with trucking operations can be a daunting task. From choosing the right insurer to navigating contract pitfalls, there are countless ways a motor carrier can experience losses. To keep the wheels turning in today’s environment, leaders who are willing to look at operational exposures from every angle and select the most effective risk management technique are better positioned to avoid, or at least mitigate, future losses.
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Powerful Pennies: The Importance of Investing and Sticking With It

Would you rather have $1,000,000 right now in your checking account with no strings attached? Or, would you rather have a single penny?
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Control Environmental Workplace Hazards

As regulatory and legal constraints continue to adversely impact the motor carrier industry, today's trucking executives must explore new risk management approaches to protect the organization's assets and profitability. Preventing or mitigating personal injuries is crucial in controlling the ever-increasing workers' compensation costs.
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