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Sleep Habits

Driving a truck for a living and working irregular hours puts a tremendous burden on the body and makes getting quality sleep a challenge. This can be overcome by recognizing the hazards that disrupt your body’s normal circadian rhythm. Try developing healthy sleep habits that can increase your amount of quality sleep, improve your health, and help you avoid fatigued driving.
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Nine Ways to Fight Fatigue out on the Open Road

Are you ready to avoid fatigue-related crashes? Fatigue behind the wheel is a real danger. It can be a killer and happen any time, any where. But, guess what? You can control it. You are the key factor in determining whether or not a fatigue-related crash will happen to you. At Great West Casualty Company, we say to look for warning signs including inattentiveness, erratic driving, tailgating, drifting, or failure to obey traffic signals. Most modern tractors have comfortable seats, relatively quiet cabs, and are temperature controlled. But, while these designs are convenient and comfortable, they can contribute to falling asleep at the wheel. We're all for driving in a fine ride, but we don't want these things to get the best of you when it comes to fatigue while driving.
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