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Preventing Work Zone Crashes

With the increase in the volume of traffic, number of vehicle miles traveled, and deteriorating infrastructure, road construction is a year-round occurrence. According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), there were 514 fatalities in work zone crashes in 2010*.
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Margin of Safety

In financial markets, Margin of Safety is a principle in which an investor purchases securities when the market price is significantly below the estimated intrinsic value. The difference between the market price and the estimated intrinsic value is the margin of safety. To ensure a proper margin of safety is maintained, market activity must be monitored closely.
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Drink Up!

Thirst is the mind’s way of telling the body to drink water.  After feeling thirsty, a person may start experiencing headaches, nausea, and vomiting.  These symptoms could require medical attention that could have been avoided by keeping the body hydrated.
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Near-Miss Reporting

Near-Miss Reporting systems have been a part of successful safety management programs for several years. They have been used in the aviation industry to collect close call reports from pilots, flight attendants. and air traffic controllers. The National Fire Fighter Near­Miss Reporting System was established in 2005. Near-Miss Reports are used in the healthcare industry to help ensure safe operating procedures and treatment practices. Other terms for near misses are "near hit" and close call.
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Control Environmental Workplace Hazards

As regulatory and legal constraints continue to adversely impact the motor carrier industry, today's trucking executives must explore new risk management approaches to protect the organization's assets and profitability. Preventing or mitigating personal injuries is crucial in controlling the ever-increasing workers' compensation costs.
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