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Winter Safety Tips

During the winter months, most of the country is exposed to adverse weather conditions that increase the risk of a vehicle crash, injury, or illness. Read the information below to learn how to recognize winter hazards, and take appropriate action to protect yourself from potential harm.
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Defending Against Winter Driving Hazards

Winter driving can be dangerous. The possibility of losing control of one’s vehicle and the need to drive defensively to protect against other drivers requires alertness and readiness to react to hazards. Read the information below, and ask yourself how you can improve your driving style in any of the hazard categories.
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Winter Safety

For most of the country, winter brings frigid temperatures, slippery road conditions, and treacherous walking surfaces. In the event of a possible roadside emergency, you do not want to risk frostbite or hypothermia. The key to protecting yourself is to be able to recognize the hazards that can lead to winter-related injuries and illnesses and know how to protect yourself.
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Due to winter roadways, there is an increased risk of jackknifes, but this type of loss of control crash can occur any time of the year. To avoid a jackknife - or to recover from one, drivers must be able to recognize the hazards that contribute to a jackknife. They must also know how to defend against it. Read the information below, and ask yourself if there are actions you can take to improve your driving skills and reduce the risk of a crash.
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Time to Discuss Winter Driving Hazards

Winter is back, and truck drivers across the country must deal with extreme weather and winter driving conditions. Ice, snow, high winds, poor visibility, frigid temperatures, and other hazards greatly impact driver safety. These factors can also lead to a critical crash, such as a rollover, jackknife, or lane departure. Critical crashes can have negative repercussions throughout the organization and severely disrupt operations. That is why the time is now for operations staff to remind drivers of winter driving hazards and protective driving techniques needed to prevent a serious loss. Here are some key points operations staff should cover with drivers.
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