Protecting drivers from theft while on the road


Equipment and cargo thefts are constant risks for motor carriers. Thieves are always on the prowl, looking for easy targets. Read the information below and ask yourself if there are actions you can take to protect yourself from being a victim of theft.

Recognize the Hazards



Hauling freight into known hot spots for cargo thieves is one hazard truck drivers should be mindful of. Dimly-lit and unfenced locations, parking areas without surveillance cameras, truck stops, and public rest areas are common hubs for cargo thieves.



Trailer doors that are not sealed and padlocked are ripe targets for thieves. Likewise, stepping away from an idling truck for too long or not using a king pin lock to secure a dropped trailer increases the risk of theft.


PERSONAL-BEHAVIOR-3Personal Behaviors

Discussing cargo with strangers can invite would-be thieves to hijack your load. Additionally, failing to lock the truck when away, not conducting a pre-trip inspection, and a general lack of awareness of one’s surroundings can increase the risk of theft.


Know the Defense


Eye IconBe Viligant 

Cargo theft could happen any time or anywhere, so be proactive and be mindful of your surroundings, especially over weekends and holidays. The longer you remain parked in one area, the easier it is for thieves to target you.


VEHICLE-INSPECTIONSconduct vehicle inspections

A pre-trip vehicle inspection should be performed before each day and at every stop. Verify that seals and padlocks are secure and untampered.



REPORT-THEFTS-IMMEDIATELY Report thefts immediately

If you are the victim of theft, report it immediately. Follow your company guidelines on notifying your employer, the police, and insurance company. The more quickly the theft is reported, the faster the response to recover the equipment and cargo.


Note: These lists are not intended to be all-inclusive.



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