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Shop Safety: Fall Prevention

Slips and falls are the leading cause of workplace injuries. These incidents often result in traumatic head, neck, back, and other serious injuries which affect you, your family, coworkers, and employer. In addition to the pain and possibility of temporary or permanent disability, a slip and fall injury could cost you in terms of lost wages, out-of-pocket medical expenses, and your ability to enjoy the people and activities you love. The key to preventing slips and falls is to be able to recognize hazards and take defensive measures to protect you from injury.
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Tips for Safe Driving During the Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, virtually everyone in North America will be able to experience a solar eclipse as the moon passes between the Earth and the sun. Excitement for this event has been building for months, as the last time most Americans experienced a full solar eclipse was 1979.
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Communication Techniques to Prevent Driver Distraction

Driver distraction is a major concern for motor carriers because it is a common factor associated with serious losses. Vehicle crashes are the obvious exposure, but whenever a driver gets pulled over for a distraction-related violation, that constitutes a business interruption. This in turn can equate to late deliveries, lost revenue, increased expenses, and poor public image based on SMS results.
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Avoiding Trip Injuries Around the Truck

RECOGNIZE THE HAZARDS Environment/Equipment Fuel hoses Pallets Trailer straps Loading dock stairs Low-stacked freight Clutter inside the cab Uneven walking surfaces Poor lighting
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Fire Safety for Commercial Motor Vehicles

A fire can be a devastating financial event for a trucking company or a driver. Modern trucks and trailers are manufactured to be as light as possible, which means they are constructed using a variety of potentially dangerous materials which can become extremely hazardous should a fire occur. The dangers of today’s truck fires include extreme heat, very rapid spreading of flames, and potentially toxic fumes.
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Margin of Safety

In financial markets, Margin of Safety is a principle in which an investor purchases securities when the market price is significantly below the estimated intrinsic value. The difference between the market price and the estimated intrinsic value is the margin of safety. To ensure a proper margin of safety is maintained, market activity must be monitored closely.
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Tips for Crossing Railroad Tracks Safely

No matter where you drive, there are railroad crossings in every city and every state in America. 
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Caution, Caution, Caution: Animal Crossing

As urban areas continue to push outward and displace animals from their natural habitats, and as formerly empty rural lanes become plagued with traffic, collisions between cars and animals seem an almost inevitable consequence. 
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