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Be Good to Yourself: How to Avoid Back Pain

Get back to the basics Sprains and strains to the muscles, tendons and ligaments, and injury of the disks in the back are common injuries that are often avoidable, but can cause severe pain that may result in an inability to do any type of strenuous activity. Be aware of the causes of back injuries and your lifting limitations. Remembering a few pointers on lifting techniques can help you stay healthy.
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Should You Use On-Board/In-Vehicle Cameras?

They're like an extra pair of eyes On-board/in-vehicle cameras offer a comprehensive driver safety program for identifying, prioritizing, and correcting the causes of poor driving habits, before they lead to a collision. This "programmatic approach helps transportation companies transform their safety culture and ensures bottom-line results: preventing collisions, fraudulent claims, and saving lives. Most units have a continuous loop system.
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Ask a Safety Rep: What's Included in Post-Collision Testing?

QUESTION:  My driver was involved in a recordable collision and the hospital took blood in lieu of a breath alcohol test. Is this allowed by the FMCSA?
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