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Be a Mentor

There are many benefits to implementing a mentoring program in the workplace. No matter their role in the company, a mentoring program helps new employees gain an understanding of the organization's culture. It also provides a vehicle for sharing knowledge, reinforcing company practices and important "things to know:' Mentoring is credited with improving employee retention and may make your company more appealing to recruits.
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Tips to Bolster the Level of Customer Service

How does a company maintain a position of excellence within their chosen marketplace? This is the question that has led to scores of courses, books, and, lectures. Satisfying a product or service need is the universal foundation of any business operation. In addition to fulfilling the product/service need, marketplace impression will always be shaped by the level of customer service provided.
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Do Your Employees Share Your Values?

As an effective leader, you very likely have a core set of standards and principles which you are not willing to tolerate any compromise on. Most would refer to these deeply held standards as your set of values. While priorities will often change as circumstances change, your personal values do not change. They are not subject to compromise.
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How to Get and Keep Good Truck Drivers

Fleets can see greater success and improved profitability by focusing on getting and keeping good drivers. Besides fuel costs, driver costs are typically a significant expense to a trucking company. It’s no secret that tenured, experienced drivers are more operationally effective than less experienced drivers. That experience directly translates to improvements in operational efficiency, and is one of the most important aspects in running a solid, profitable business. 
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Why Front-Line Management Must Support Safety

Building an organizational culture that supports safety is no easy task. This is especially true in the trucking industry where there is little or no direct supervision or everyday personal contact with a significant portion of the work force. 
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