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Congestion, Construction among Spring Driving Hazards

Spring has returned for most of the country, which means operations staff should take time to remind drivers of the seasonal risks that come with this time of year. Read about the spring-related driving hazards below and commit to completing the “Call to Action” items at the bottom of the page.
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It's Time to Discuss Spring Driving Hazards

Winter is nearly in the rearview mirror, which means it is time to start thinking about spring and the unique driving hazards this season brings. The operations staff is crucial to preventing vehicle crashes by being proactive and discussing springtime hazards with drivers and recommending the Essential 7 Driving Techniques as a defense.
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Spring Driving Hazards

Drastic weather changes, increased traffic, and the temptation to get out and get moving are springtime hazards drivers must prepare for. Drivers must be able to recognize these hazards and apply the right defenses. Read the information below, and ask yourself if there are actions you can take to improve your driving skills and reduce the risk of a crash.
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