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Is Accident Reporting Your Achilles Heel?

There is a misguided belief by some motor carriers that delaying or failing to report claims to their insurers will work in their favor. On the contrary, it can have the opposite effect and cost a motor carrier more in the long run. Regardless of perceived fault, other parties involved in an incident have a legal right to assert a claim. For this reason, delaying or failing to notify your insurer of an incident can hinder its ability to proactively manage a claim and settle it in a fair and timely manner.
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Crash Scene Procedures

  In the event a driver is involved in a vehicle crash, how he or she responds immediately following the incident is critical to minimizing business interruptions and the potential severity of financial losses. Read the crash scene procedures below and discuss the suggested practices with your employer.
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Preserving the Crash Scene

Preserving the crash scene and documenting the facts surrounding the incident can play an important role in minimizing the severity of a loss and proving where the fault lies. Because crash scenes can be chaotic, Great West Casualty Company provides its insureds with free crash reporting kits to help drivers manage the scene and document what happened. Be sure to report all crashes immediately, from the scene of the crash if at all practical. Here is a brief overview of the steps covered in the crash reporting kit:
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