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Prevent Cargo Theft Over Thanksgiving

Motor carriers should be mindful of the increased risk of theft as Thanksgiving approaches. Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year, and to prepare for it, warehouses and trailers are filling up with valuable inventory. Naturally, these make for target-rich environments to would-be thieves. Listed below are some loss-prevention tips that can help motor carriers and drivers decrease their exposure.
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Preventing Cargo Thefts

Cargo thefts continue to rise and while the vast majority involve a stationary or unattended truck, fictitious pick-ups and impersonating a legitimate motor carrier or broker continues to occur. Thefts involving the impersonation of a motor carrier typically begin with a broker listing a load on an internet board. A seemingly legitimate motor carrier responds, but in reality, it is a thief that is impersonating a legitimate motor carrier.
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Where’s the Cargo?

An old cargo scam recently reappeared in the Windy City. Each time, the scam follows a basic plan and relies on a motor carrier who does not check the background and reputation of this "broker" and takes a short cut.
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Cargo Theft Prevention Tips: Don't Let It Happen to You

Cargo theft continues to plague the transportation industry. It may seem that cargo theft is a victimless crime, but in actuality it affects all of us because manufacturers price their goods to include a theft component. While there are several estimates of how much is taken in cargo thefts annually, the FBI estimates place cargo theft at a $20 billion dollar a year industry. The FBI also believes that some cargo theft money goes to funding terrorism.
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