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Time has felt a little strange these days. Working remotely has many of us wondering what day of the week it is every day of the week. For others so diligently serving our country in various capacities, time seems to be passing quickly as they work to keep our economy running. While we cannot help with these timeline troubles, we can give you some guidance as it relates to common timing questions for job searching.

When can I follow up after applying?

If an application deadline is listed when you apply for the job, respect the deadline. The hiring manager or recruiter working on the hiring process for the open position will have many candidates to review and will have most likely agreed to do a deep dive at the set deadline. If a deadline is not provided for the application, a follow up message to the company one week after submitting your information is okay. The message can be a request for simple confirmation that your application was received and an offer to send additional information if needed.

How should I explain a gap in my resume?

A gap in your resume is not the worst thing in the world. The most important way to explain a gap in your resume is to be honest. If you took that time off as an opportunity to expand your skills, gain a certification, or volunteer, be sure to mention this. It tells the potential employer you didn’t squander your down time watching movies or TV shows.

When should I follow up after interviewing?

Post-interview follow up can happen in two stages. First, you should send a thank you message to those with whom you interviewed. Your thank you should be sent within 1-3 days after your interview date. Sending a thank you the same day you interview is often viewed as disingenuous. Second, you may wish to follow up with the hiring manager or recruiter if you have not heard about the status of your application. NOTE: It is highly recommended that you ask them what their timeline is for hiring and when you can expect to hear from them. If that deadline has passed, a simple follow-up message requesting an update and reiterating your interest in the role is warranted.

How much time can I take to consider a job offer?

A reasonable amount of time to review a job offer is 1-3 days. Some employers may ask for a reply in 24 hours; others will be okay with giving you a couple of added days to make sure you are making an informed decision. This time allows you to look closely at the offer, ask follow-up questions, and potentially negotiate a change to the offer. Regardless of what you decide, follow up on the phone with the employer by the agreed-upon deadline.

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