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Beyond the JD UW Assistant

Meet Jessica, an Underwriter Assistant with Great West Casualty Company. 



What does a typical day on the job look like for you?

I work in the Excess Limits Department, assisting our underwriters in underwriting excess policies. My job includes reviewing applications, preparing insurance quotes, and issuing insurance policies.


What surprised you about this role when you first started?

I knew that there would be a lot of work done in spreadsheets and PDFs, but I didn’t realize how much. Attention to detail has become the most important part of my day-to-day work.


What's challenging about your job?

It is always a challenge to make sure to get every bit of information I can get while also trying to get the work out to agents in a timely manner. How can I put out the best possible product? We pride ourselves on service, as well, so that is always in the forefront of my mind as I communicate with agents.


What is the best part about working here?

Great West is the kind of company that invests in its employees, and it makes me feel supported to be the best worker I can be. I want to strive to do my best for the company because the company supports me. They are always looking for ways to improve, and things are never stagnant here.


What's your favorite memory from working here?

The August employee appreciation breakfasts were my favorite, and I hope we will get those started again once we are back in the office. One year we played “The Price Is Right,” and I laughed so hard my stomach hurt. Another year, we had a speaker who had me in (good!) tears by the end of the presentation.


What is your favorite benefit offered by Great West, and why?

Great West pays half of approved tuition, and this has been a lifesaver for me. I have been working hard on my education. I have completed one degree, and I am planning the next already. They also pay for employees to take insurance exams through the Institutes. I am almost done with my Commercial Property Casualty Underwriter designation, at no cost to me.


What advice would you give to someone who just joined our team?

We are all here to support you in your career with Great West. If you need anything, just ask, as this is a teamwork-driven environment. It is in all our best interests to help our team members excel at the tasks at hand.


Did you ever think you'd be working in insurance?

Honestly, no. I wanted to work in the accounting field. I saw an opportunity to apply for a job here, and I have never considered anything else since that time. I have been here almost five years and in two different positions. At Great West, the difference is service, and I am lucky to have this kind of attitude at my place of work.


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