How to Avoid U-Turns


Run-under crashes are one of the most devastating losses a trucking company can experience. A run-under crash can cost thousands of dollars in physical damage and personal injury. However, these crashes are frequently among the easiest to prevent. Many run-under crashes involve U-turns. A run-under crash caused by a U-turn is possibly the easiest to prevent…never make a U-turn.
Professional drivers state that making a U-turn is not an acceptable driving technique. When a driver attempts to make a U-turn, the life of the driver and the lives of others may be put in danger. It is important to discuss with your drivers the dangers of making U-turns. Below are two methods drivers can use to help get back on course instead of making a U-turn: In urban areas, find a safe area to turn around. Find an area where a driver can safely turn around without endangering anyone. An open parking lot may work well.

On the highway, circle back through other roads. Roads are interconnected. If a driver happens to miss a turn, chances are a turn or off-ramp exists a few miles ahead. Use them to get safely back on track.

Exercising Proper Protective Driving Techniques

• Never make a U-turn
• Properly monitor the speed of approaching vehicles
• Be aware of what other vehicles are doing
• Install reflective tape
• Avoid backing out onto a roadway

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