10 Summer Weather Tire Survival Tips

10 Summer Weather Tire Survival Tips

Summer weather can be brutal on tires and can contribute to blow-outs and other problems. As the weather gets warmer, stay on top of this critical vehicle system – your tires. Here are some summer weather tire survival tips to follow. 

  1. Check the condition of your tires every day during the pre-trip inspection process. Watch for anything out of the ordinary (such as signs of uneven wear or sidewall damage) and listen for air leaks.
  2. Check the air pressure regularly. Know what your company’s tire air pressure requirements are and notify your maintenance department if you have a tire that seems to be having a problem maintaining proper air pressure.
  3. Keep an eye on the tire tread depth during each pre-trip inspection and during the trip. Tread wearing unevenly is a sign of improper air pressure. Also, a tire with low tread depth is more susceptible to blowing out due to hitting road debris.
  4. Check the air pressure when the tire is cold (suggested at the start of a pre-trip inspection or prior to starting out on the day’s trip).
  5. Remember that low air pressure is one of the primary causes of tire problems and can lead to blow-outs and possible tire fires.
  6. Replace missing valve caps on the stems without delay.
  7. If you hit a significant chunk of road debris during your trip, check the condition of the vehicle’s tires and other systems, as soon as possible, by finding a safe place to stop and park.
  8. Remember to check between dual tires for any signs of obstructions or objects that may have become lodged there.
  9. For all tire-related FMCSA regulations, review part 393.75.
  10. For all tire-related Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Out Of Service conditions, check the CVSA Out of Service guide’s vehicle section.

Do you know what the CVSA’s definition of a flat tire is?

Answer: Tire has a noticeable leak (can be heard or felt), or has 50% or less of the maximum inflation pressure marked on the tire sidewall.

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