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Roadside Inspections

Roadside inspections are a part of the trucking industry, but drivers can play a big role in determining the frequency with which they occur. Three factors that commonly trigger roadside inspections are the environment, meaning periods of increased inspections; the condition of the truck, both inside and out; and the driver’s behavior. Read the information below, and ask yourself if there are actions you can take to reduce the likelihood of drawing the attention of inspectors and prevent violations and possible fines.
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The FMCSA & E-Logs: Know the Rules and Consequences

FMCSA released the new CVSA inspection bulletin pertaining to Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and Automatic On-Board Recording Devices (AOBRDs). The rules beginning December 18, 2017, are outlined below. 
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Preparing for a Roadside Inspection

Going through a roadside inspection can be an intimidating and stressful event, but it’s one that commercial truck drivers must deal with on a regular basis. Roadside inspections take time; possibly costing you money in lost loads, missed appointments, and perhaps, even receiving a fine for infractions. The key is preparation and to avoid bringing undue attention to one’s self and equipment.
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