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Maintain Business Continuity with Proactive Facility Inspections

Waiting to close the barn door until after the cows had gotten out is an old expression that motor carriers might be able to relate to if they are taking a reactive approach to preventing workplace incidents. Fixing hazards after an incident is the responsible thing to do and may prevent future occurrences, but the fact remains that if the incident resulted in an employee injury, an employee was injured and that cannot be undone. One way to get ahead of workplace injuries is to be proactive and perform facility inspections.
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Do Your Employees Share Your Values?

As an effective leader, you very likely have a core set of standards and principles which you are not willing to tolerate any compromise on. Most would refer to these deeply held standards as your set of values. While priorities will often change as circumstances change, your personal values do not change. They are not subject to compromise.
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