The importance of timely claims reporting

Promptly reporting claims can make a dramatic difference in the ultimate cost of a claim. Early reporting of a claim allows adjusters to conduct thorough investigations, preserve evidence, secure fast and fair settlements, and minimize downtime.

The actions that are taken by a motor carrier after a loss can set the stage for successful claims resolution. This includes prompt investigation, accurate evaluation, and quick, ethical resolution.

A late-reported claim could result in loss of evidence, spoiled cargo, changed crash scene, and increased downtime. Below we discuss cargo claims, prompt reporting protocols and the risks of a late reported claim. For more on proper crash scene procedure, download the accident scene checklist below. 

what are the Risks of a Late Reported Claim?

As a trusted partner in trucking insurance, Great West is committed to helping motor carriers after an accident happens. Reporting accidents immediately is essential to getting the repair process started. How does reporting accidents immediately help trucking companies?

  • Less Downtime: By reporting accidents immediately, motor carriers enable Great West to begin the process of getting their truck back on the road.
  • Damage Mitigation: Great West has relationships with repair shops around the country that can often help customers get parts quicker.
  • Control Costs: Immediate accident reporting helps control costs by enabling a rapid response to mitigate potential damage.


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Prompt Reporting More Important with Cargo Claims

On-time reporting of cargo claims is even more critical.

Example: A driver is at a dock delivering fresh produce when the receiver decides that maybe the temperatures are a little off or the strawberries do not look as bright as the receiver thinks they should. Therefore, the load is rejected. 

If the driver waits to call Great West, it could limit or prevent our adjuster's ability to verify that the cargo is not damaged or mitigate a loss. The PDC Adjuster can, in most cases, assist with salvaging these types of cargo when legally permissible.

Great West also employs the services of independent adjusters to inspect the cargo, assist with the investigation, and help control costs. Again, reporting the claim promptly allows the claims team to resolve the claim quickly and fairly.

timely accident reporting can impact a company's bottom line

Perhaps the biggest reason that motor carriers should prioritize timely accident reporting is that it can impact their bottom line. The ultimate benefit of reporting accidents immediately is getting trucks and trailers back on the road faster. It can help mitigate risks, lower costs, and preserve reputations.

  • Mitigate Risks: Reporting accidents immediately saves money and helps mitigate liability risks. By providing immediate and accurate information about an incident, companies demonstrate a commitment to safety. This proactive approach can shield businesses from potential legal complexities and costly settlements.
  • Lower Costs: By reporting accidents immediately, Great West can initiate the resolution process faster. Quick action leads to more efficient investigations, which may mean minimized costs and fewer resources tied up in lengthy claim proceedings.
  • Preserve Reputations: In the trucking industry, reputation is everything. A record of timely reporting shows a company is reliable and committed to maintaining high standards. Clients and partners notice responsible practices, which may lead to more business opportunities and long-term partnerships.

Every hour that passes after an accident can potentially increase the negative impact on your operations and financial well-being. By reporting accidents immediately, potentially adverse consequences can be mitigated.



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FREE Safety Materials From Great West

Did you know you can order free safety materials from Great West? Examples of free items include:

Accident Kit: Enclosed in a 6 X 9 envelope to be carried by drivers. The kit includes a Post-Accident Checklist, Emergency Reflective Triangle Placement decal, and Report All Accidents Immediately decal (red).

Accident Register: A 16-page booklet that allows for recording details of accidents. It can also be used as a quick reference to accident information and analysis for loss-control purposes. Meets the requirements for FMCSR 390.15.

Report All Accidents Immediately Decals: 2 x 6" stickers that features Great West's telephone number for reporting claims immediately. Suitable to display in the tractor cab (included in the Accident Kit).